Friday, August 15, 2014

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Total glacier mass change since 1945 from the World Glacier Monitoring Service.


  1. I hope this means that you are no longer pushing the "skeptic" position.

    Perhaps you have matured enough as a scientist to realize how wrong you were.

    However, I encourage you NOT to pursue a career in science. You have displayed a capacity for cognitive dissonance that seriously handicaps your ability to interpret objective evidence.

    You could still become a TV weather man, with minimal risk to the common good.

  2. According to the brilliant new theory, solar magnetic influence was going to cause some "nasty cooling" by now.

    2014 was the hottest year in recorded history, but we can expect new records to be set for centuries to come, unless some serious action is taken.

    Taking a wild guess that "BethesdaWX" has long since dropped out or flunked out of college, and is no closer to being "about to get a PhD in particle physics".

    At least you are no longer a militant salesperson for anti science.

    1. another "super" storm is upon us.

      nobody's grandparents remember anything like this.

      it might be difficult to discern a degree or two of rise in average annual global temperature.

      it is not at all difficult to experience how much more frequent and intense these "super" storms have become.

      Add to that the increased frequency of drought and flooding, and you can account for millions of human lives already lost due to anthropogenic global warming.

      Should we call it "catastrophic" anthropogenic global warming (CAGW)?

      For many millions of people, particularly the more impoverished living in parts of the world that didn't even get in on the benefits of fossil fuel burning, it is already a catastrophe.

    2. The next generation will react with disbelief when they hear that there was a time when people pretended that there was a "scientific" basis to ignore all the warnings about global warming and block any effort to change our habits.

      I wonder if any of those assholes will ever apologize, or even openly admit that they were wrong.

      Meanwhile, we've got a US senator throwing a snow ball within the chambers to prove that global warming just a big hoax. We can pretend that this isn't about political ideology, but isn't it weird that so many Republicans have decided to become "skeptics"?

      Extreme weather is now the norm.

      Even the weather folks on the TV news will have to be retrained to be able to tell us about what the next "super" storm, extreme heat wave, extreme cold spell, record breaking precipitation, record breaking drought, tornados where never seen before, etc., all mean.

      Climate has ALWAYS been changing, right?

      Well, you did more damage than you realize during the years when you were a zealot for the "skeptic" cause.

      Any plans to do anything to atone for it?

      Back in the 70's, a tiny minority of climate scientists and geologists suggested that we were heading toward a new ice age. At about the same time, mainstream scientists began to publish the litany of warnings about the impact of greenhouse gases.

  3. "Are you sick and tired of hearing that everything is because of global warming?"

    This was just one of the 150 threads posted by Snowlover123 on an Internet environmental discussion site during the years when this kid was on a mission to teach the world about the "scientific" validity of the "skeptic" position.

    "Calling All Skeptics" was the kid's effort to bring others to the same site in order to sabotage any useful discussion of scientific reality.

    Many good people were deeply offended by the ugly interactions catalyzed by this prolific and anti-scientific troll, who refused to go away.

    The missionary zeal might have been an honest mistake.

    If so, it would be good to make an honest attempt to come clean and do the right thing.

  4. Too soon to say with certainty, but 2015 looks like it will break the record for the hottest year since thermometers were invented.

    The difference between this year's and last year's record-breaking heat will be a matter of hundredths of a degree. Maybe that "proves" that it is negligible.

    Just like carbon dioxide concentration changes being a matter of hundredths of a percent, it must mean that it is of negligible significance.

    Such a tiny change couldn't possibly manifest itself in anything that we need to be concerned about, right?

    How about them "super" storms?

    Have we ever seen so many severe droughts at once?

    Why so much flooding lately? Those "hundred-year" floods happen all the time now.

    Is it just because of "El Nino"? There are plenty of good records showing how rare "El Nino" used to be in previous centuries, long before thermometers were invented.

    "El Nino" is such a frequent occurrence in the past few decades that they now qualify it as being a severe, moderate, or relatively light "El Nino".

    To all those who deeply offended the intelligence of the scientific community, and humanity in general, with the absurd assertion that there was a "scientific" basis to support some kind of "skeptic" position regarding climate change....

    If you refuse to help, at least get the fuck out of the way of those who are willing to.

  5. 2015 has certainly broken all temperature records, whether recorded by satellite or thermometer.

    Not just for the entire year, but for individual months as well.

    Can we conjure up enough cognitive dissonance to find a way to pretend that some "scientific" theory is consistent with this all being part of a "natural" process or cycle?

    Well, maybe we can find a way to ignore the significance of measured temperature increases, but what about that extreme weather?


    And let's continue to pretend that it is somehow "scientific".

    1. Senator Ted Cruz says "Satellite data shows no statistically significant warming since 1997".

      As a well-trained attorney, he knows how to make a statement that is technically accurate, while it is also deliberately misleading.

      The technicalities only hold if all data is limited to that obtained by "satellite", and the baseline year is set STRICTLY at 1997. A change to either of these parameters makes this piece of shit a demonstrable LIAR.

      Do we continue to pretend that there is no political agenda, just an honest inquiry into "scientific" truth?

      On the other hand, even if we could get all humans to IMMEDIATELY stop the combustion of carbon-based fossil fuel, it is already too late to stop the natural processes that have been put into motion.

      With every human being killed by some super virus or something, the tundra will continue to melt with huge concomitant releases of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane.

      The tropical rainforests will continue to dry out to the point that their immense carbon reservoir gets released to the atmosphere through catastrophic wildfires. Even the normally-soaked peat will burn.

      The temperate forests will continue to be destroyed by pests that are now favored by the warmer conditions. The "new normal" of prolonged drought will also provoke huge releases of CO2 as wildfire consumes these previously stable ecosystems.

      And the coral reefs, which once absorbed so much CO2, are dying... not just from too much heat, but from the chemical influence of too much CO2 in the atmosphere.

      An uneducated little teenage punk once dissed me because I had "no right" to talk about rainforest protection, based on the fact that I hadn't purchased enough juicy points to pay to preserve 1/10 acre of rainforest.

      This stuff is a bit more serious than the little punk and his "skeptic" friends seemed to realize.

  6. 2016 set yet another record for the hottest year.

    "Warming or not?"

    It has become more difficult to pretend there is a "cooling trend"

  7. 2017 only ranks as the second or third hottest year on record.

    2017 did not set another consecutive record for all time hottest year ever recorded.


    nothing to worry about.

    go back to sleep and let the stable genius fix everything.